Home Security Systems

Free yourself from worry, anxiety, and stress by investing in your home’s security through Global Security Services. Not only does a security system give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be safe from intruders, but you’ll also be protected from fire, have more control over access to your home, and cameras to show you what’s happening around your home. Global Security Services will give you control over your home whether you’re there, or a thousand miles away.

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    Burglar Alarms

    Most people have the mindset of “it won’t happen to me”, when it comes to break-ins and burglaries. The frightening reality is that unsecured homes aren’t that difficult to forcefully enter. Over half of all recorded home invasions happen between 6AM and 6PM. What would you do to protect yourself if you’re home alone and encounter a burglar? An alarm system is an easy and affordable first step in protecting yourself.

    Fire Alarm

    Not all fire alarm systems are created equal, which is unfortunate for our competition. Fire alarms through Global Security Services gives you the most thorough protection possible. Not only do our systems alert your family of danger, but can report an identified hazard to off-premises locations such as a fire department or EMT service. Give your family the protection they deserve, give them Global Security Services.

    Camera Systems

    A safe household is not only protected from unwanted visitors, but welcome guests should also be monitored closely. If you have children that are left alone for extended periods of time you need to know they are safe. Having visual confirmation of loved ones is a one of the many benefits of a camera system. You can also access real-time feeds to monitor your home if you leave on vacation. Keep an eye on the house even when you’re not around with Global Security Services.

    Access Controls

    Control and secure your home by investing in an access control system. There are a variety of options to choose from, but establishing control over who is able to access your property is the result no matter which option you choose.