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Global Security Services is a full-service private security, electronic security and armored transportation agency capable of providing all of your security, investigative, armored transportation and security needs.

We understand that when you choose an armored transportation company to transport, protect, or service your cash logistic needs, you’re entrusting that company to protect your most valuable assets. Since our inception, we have provided a host of services to a variety of clientele ranging from elite business to government alike. With our excellence in service, we have emerged as a leader due in part because of the dedication to our founding principles; Duty, Honor, and Integrity. With these principles at the core of every employee and a Better Business Bureau Integrity Award to back it up; Global Security Services is a leading the way.

Our Midwest-based operations are designed to grant you peace of mind, ensuring that your assets remain safe, timely, and precisely where they should be.

The Essence of Reliability: Transporting your assets demands the utmost care, and Global Security Services takes this responsibility to heart. Our seasoned team ensures your valuable cargo is shielded throughout its journey and reaches its destination according to your schedule.

Punctuality as Priority: Time waits for none, and neither do we. Global Security Services places paramount importance on punctuality. Say goodbye to delays and uncertainty; with us, your deliveries arrive on time, every time.

Uninterrupted Communication: We understand the frustration of being unable to reach your vendor. That’s why Global Security Services maintains seamless and transparent communication channels. Whether it’s updates on your shipment’s progress, alterations in delivery plans, or addressing your concerns, our responsive team is just a call away, dedicated to serving you. Unlike our competitors who are nearly impossible to reach.

Fortified by Insurance: Your peace of mind matters, and that’s why Global Security Services is fully insured by esteemed underwriters. Trust us to transport your assets safely and securely, without compromise.

Broad Business Spectrum: Global Security Services caters to a diverse array of businesses across the Midwest. Whether you’re a major financial institution, retail store, entertainment venue, or any other establishment that values security and reliability, our services are tailored to enhance your operations and protect your assets.

Beyond Transportation: ATM Services: Beyond our impeccable cash logistics, Global Security Services extends its expertise to ATM and ITM Fleet Management. From cash replenishment and maintenance to project management for various financial institutions, we ensure your ATMs and/or ITMs remain operational, delivering convenience to your customers.

Cash Logistics Experts: Global Security Services simplifies the cash logistics process for your business. Our comprehensive suite of services, including cash in transit, settlement, ATM / ITM deposit processing, and maintenance, ensures your financial operations remain streamlined and secure.

Unrivaled Security: With Global Security Services, your assets are in the safest of hands. We employ cutting-edge security measures, including Kaba Locks, ensuring your cash and valuables remain impervious to theft. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, from hotels to shopping malls, ensuring your assets are secure no matter where you operate.

Operational Excellence: Whether you’re seeking armored transportation, ATM / ITM services, or cash logistics, Global Security Services offers a comprehensive solution that is reliable, secure, and tailored to your unique requirements. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to safeguarding your assets, we are your trusted partner for secure and timely operations.

Discover the unparalleled reliability and security that Global Security Services brings to the heart of the Midwest. Contact us today to explore how our services can elevate your operations and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Our Services Include:

  • Deposit pickup and change order deliveries
  • Timely and reliable currency and coin shipments (local and FRB)
  • Same day emergency currency and coin deliveries
  • Secure currency and coin storage
  • Federal Reserve Coin Terminal Services
  • Coin deposits and orders through Fedline
  • In-house rolled coin
  • ATM / ITM currency order preparation and residual verification
  • ATM / ITM replenishment services, balancing services and first-line maintenance
  • ATM / ITM deposit verification
  • Kaba Mas lock programming and ATM / ITM fleet management
  • Comprehensive armored transportation solutions tailored to your needs

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