Ghost Kitchen Startups

Ghost Kitchen Startups

The world of gastronomy is changing as fast as the rest of the industries thanks to the digitalization of goods and services and a growing population of digital natives who have more and more buying power. But on top of that, the COVID pandemic changed the rules of the game for restaurants worldwide.

The response of the gastronomic industry to this new reality was to resort to an old invention and popularize it. We are talking about ghost kitchens.

While no one knows exactly what the restaurant industry will look like after the pandemic, ghost kitchen brands will continue to be a popular option.

Ghost kitchens don’t look like any restaurant: these particular new businesses don’t have chairs, tables, bars, or terraces. However, they do meet safety and sanitation standards, employ a heavy staff of cooks, and have (in some cases) their fleet of delivery drivers. If you choose well, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the equipment for the ghost kitchen.

With this new normal, first, you order – then you eat; the idea of ghost kitchens and ghost restaurants makes more sense during the pandemic and is perhaps here to stay.

And for those who are considering launching their restaurant and boosting their brand today, ghost kitchen solutions are the most efficient and least risky option they can opt for.

Ghost kitchens are the best option because they are fashionable and an interesting trend and because they offer a series of advantages for restaurant owners and those who want to start a business in gastronomy.

Here are some of the benefits of starting your brand with a ghost kitchen:

1) It requires less space

Many restaurants use commercial kitchens that do not have a dining area to facilitate the delivery-only operation. This allows more space in the kitchen, allowing for more room for food preparation and delivery; this also allows for having a varied menu to share the same commercial space.

2) Capitalizes on increased demand

Because the demand for home ordering was born long before the pandemic, diners expect deliveries to be easy and simple, available around the clock and at their fingertips. The online ordering business was worth $5 billion in just the first two quarters of 2018, and some experts predict that the home ordering market could be worth more than $365 billion by 2030.

3) Customer service is optimized

Since work teams must only focus their attention on the production and delivery of dishes, the quality and speed of customer service are increased.

4) Increases competitiveness

Due to the reduced costs, it is possible to lower the price of the menu by offering much more attractive sales prices than traditional restaurants. As a result, the restaurant can attract more customers and thus increase its competitiveness in the market.

5) Improves profitability

Ghost kitchens make it possible to serve more customers during the working day, which leads to an expressive increase in income while reducing the costs inherent to the operation. Therefore, we can say that this gastronomic business model is extremely profitable.

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