Fort Lauderdale Fried Fish

Fort Lauderdale Fried FishIf you’re looking for a place to buy Fort Lauderdale fried fish, you have already found the destination that you seek. The truth is that there is just one location within the Fort Lauderdale area that serves the freshest fish, fried right on the spot with you watching. Get ready for a seafood experience unlike any other when you enter Finster Murphy's Fresh Seafood market. You will be greeted by the overpoweringly delightful scents of fine seafood grilling on one of the market's professional cafe grills. If you’ve come to order fried fish, you can simply make your selection from among our array of chilled, fresh seafood, and we'll fry it up for you on the spot to meet your specifications. Everything is done just the way you like it here at Finster Murphy's. Think of the delicious meal you can prepare for yourself and your family or guests with some of the fried seafood and fish options we offer. And remember, the best part is that everything we prepare is prepared fresh, for you, right there when you order it. We will literally take one of the same fresh fish that we have ready to sell to our other customers and simply place onto one of our grills as soon as you place your order. You can watch us make your meal right there in the cafe attached to our market. Nothing is more fresh than this. You simply won't find a seafood restaurant or market that prepares food that is more fresh than what we offer right here at Finster Murphy's. And freshness is really a major factor in determining whether or not a given seafood item is worth buying or eating. Think about it. It's like the difference between buying fresh fruit as opposed to fruit that has been sitting on a shelf for a week or so since it was picked from the tree. Most of the nutrients have disappeared from the item by this time. With fish and other seafood, it is much the same way. The flavors disappear and begin to be replaced by other more pungent and less favorable tastes and aromas after just a few days. This is why it's sop critical that you get good fresh seafood if you want to enjoy a nice meal. And when you’re planning on frying fish, you definitely need them to be fresh. You simply won't be able to enjoy the same range of flavors otherwise. This is highly important, and anyone who has ever worked with fish or seafood or in the professional restaurant industry will tell you so. Don't underestimate the delicious taste of Fort Lauderdale fried fish when you get it a Finster Murphy's. You’ve never had better. Fort Lauderdale Fried Fish