firearm transfer service Illinois

firearm transfer service Illinois

Have you ever tried to receive or send a firearm but were not sure how to go about it? Or maybe you are looking to order a firearm online, and you are wondering how to transfer it. You might have looked into how you can transfer your firearm and leaned that it involves moving through many requirements and rules around the firearm shipping and transfer laws. To make it easy for you to transfer your gun, here are some things you need to know.

What is a firearm transfer?

A firearm transfer is a change in possession of a firearm. However, when the word “transfer” is used with firearms, it usually involves processing the firearm through an FFL. According to the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, guns that travel interstate must be transferred using the FFL. That means you don’t require FFL for firearm transactions that happen within the state.

What are the firearm transfer rules?

To appropriately log the firearm into the FFL’s records, the FFL needs to know where it is coming from. If as an individual you are trying to send a gun to an FFL to transfer it for you, then you must include your driver’s license copy with the gun so that your name and address can be recorded by the FFL. Before sending the gun, you should also contact the FFL.

If the FFL is transferring the gun to an individual, then a background check and ATF Form 4473 must be completed. This form includes your details and answers to questions confirming that you are not prohibited to own a firearm. For long-guns, the FFL can transfer the fireman to a resident of any state as long as it is legal in both states. However, handguns can only be transferred to residents of the state where the FFL is situated.

Shipping firearms

It can be tricky to ship firearms. It is legal for anyone to ship firearms through UPS or FedEx and long-guns through USPS. However, UPS and FedEx’s rules state that you must have an FFL involved in the transaction. It is a lot easier to ship if you are an FFL. For instance, if you want to ship a firearm in Illinois, it is easier to use a local firearm transfer service Illinois to do it for you. You transfer the firearm to them; they charge a particular fee and then transfer the gun to the other FFL.

Finding a firearm transfer service

How you do this will depend on whether you are the person receiving the firearm or shipping it. If you are shipping the gun to someone else, you should have the person receiving it to pick a firearm transfer service they want to use and have the company send a copy of their FFL with instruction. And if you are looking to receive a gun, find a firearm transfer service and let them know you are receiving a package.

Are you looking for a firearm transfer service Illinois? Midwest Guns can assist you with a firearm transfer from licensed FFL dealers. If you have any additional questions regarding the transfer of firearms in Illinois, you can contact us. Before purchasing your firearm with another dealer or online, be sure to visit our store. We may be able to match the price you receive or even beat it and save you from paying a transfer fee.

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firearm transfer service Illinois

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