contaminated soil hauling Edmonton

Before starting with construction, make sure the foundation is clear of any type of contamination. You may request contaminated soil hauling services in Edmonton from Whiterock Ventures Trucking. With our team of professionals and advanced equipment, we can do the job in time. Just go to our website for detailed information on contaminated soil hauling.

Soil contamination occurs when man-made chemicals alter the natural soil environment. It is typically caused by improper waste disposal, agricultural chemicals, and industrial activity. If you discovered your soil to be contaminated you want the affected areas removed, you can call a contaminated soil hauling specialist in Edmonton to help in its removal. Soil hauling will excavate contaminated soil by digging it for landfill disposal or for above-ground treatment. Excavation may be arranged to remove the suspected sources of contamination, too, such as buried toxic debris and old chemical containers. This way, you can prevent further problems and you can speed up the cleaning of salvageable areas.
Companies that specialize in hauling contaminated soil use conventional construction equipment like excavator track hoes and backhoes. The equipment depends on the depth and size of the contaminated area, and whether there are obstacles, which could make it difficult to access certain places. At times, specialists may excavate soil below water table, and this requires walling off the affected areas before water is pumped out.
Contaminated soil hauling in Edmonton usually takes about a day, but there are times when projects take several years. Several factors may affect the time spent excavating contaminated soil, such as the size, depth, and location of the affected area, the quality of the soil, safety, and the remoteness of the site. Hence, be sure to call the right specialists like White Rock Trucking to make sure that you are working with reliable soil hauling professionals.
White Rock Trucking and Hauling is known for its innovative and outstanding environmental hauling services. We are your one-stop shop for all types of environmental waste, soil, and aggregate hauling. We are based in Edmonton, so we are able to operate and manage three gravel pits in the surrounding areas together with soil hauling and hazardous waste departments catering to various earthwork projects. Contact us through this website for more information.

contaminated soil hauling Edmonton

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contaminated soil hauling Edmonton

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