Cfn Cardlock Josephine County

Cfn Cardlock Josephine County

There are many ways for companies with several vehicles to save on fuel expenses. Budget control, fleet management, and partnership with fueling companies can be a way of saving money, but it is not as quantifiable as getting a membership from commercial fueling service provider.

Pacific Pride is among some of the well-known commercial fueling company across the country and in Canada. Being a cardholder allows you to take control of your fleet fuel recharge and saves your company on budget tracking and fuel expense management. This is because CFN companies can track card usage and transaction limits can be set by handling managers.

The convenience of a CFN Program lies with the convenience of keeping fuel budget tracking uncomplicated. The online reporting tool gives vehicle managers direct access to vital information for accounting documentation. It shows fuel transactions per Pacific Pride card and gives managers an overall view and individual purchases happening.

Set the Controls for Efficient Budget Tracking of Your Fleet

Unlike credit cards which can be used for a non-essential fleet expense, Pacific Pride can only be used by a cardholder for refueling and various other auto services dictated by the company. Considering that it lessens expenses incurred during fleet operations, it can be much more economical than having your drivers handle company credit cards and require them with receipts.

Using a CFN card lock in Josephine County is a good way of managing the company’s finances and lessens the temptations of using a credit card for personal purchases. The parameter set by the company cannot be overridden, and a cardholder can only use it in line with his duty.

Maintenance tracking is also something that makes the CFN card very useful. The odometer readings can be acquired during fuel stops and whenever the vehicle has a scheduled maintenance service. It allows you get you a full view of the overall health of the vehicle aside from managing the fuel expense incurred along the way.

Remove the Headaches of Doing Monthly Reports With an Automated Reporting

Unlike manual transactions that require hundreds of receipts from your drivers, a Pacific Pride card has an online reporting that automatically adds data whenever a driver uses the company membership card. It lessens the tasks of the finance department and simplifies how reporting is done be it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The online report is available on the website and accessing the data will give you a view of transaction done within the day and which user is transacting with credited merchants via the card. The online report can be downloaded in Excel and several common accounting programs.

The report also allows you to share and export data to various other company departments needing the information. You can send the file to your maintenance department, division managers, and head supervisors and so on.

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Cfn Cardlock Josephine County

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Cfn Cardlock Josephine County

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